The diary of my experiences beginning in 2009

My early Experiences – Introduction


This section contains entries and pictures from my original online blog except for my original experience it is my belief these encounters were with what I will call small Greys. I assume this because although I have no memory of the abductions themselves I have had flashbacks to being on their ship and being led about on the bridge by the hand.

I still have no idea who the Beings in my egg harvesting experience were. I have read much since then and have yet to see them described elsewhere. Could they have been an image overlay of Greys? Perhaps. All I know is what I perceived. It is my most vivid experience to this day and because others in my home experienced it with me it is the most absolute, at least to me.

The posts will be the original entries in almost all cases. Since the interactions began I have changed, the entities I interact with have changed and my emotional state about it all has definitely changed. But I have received so many emails thanking me for sharing that I feel these entries do have value. They are in date order some with pictures.

Please excuse typos and misspellings. I felt if I began to edit them I would be tempted to change too much so simply left them as they were written. I have changed the titles to better reflect the topic of the entries.

I will be adding them a few at a time. It is a difficult process for me. I want to forget much of what happened in those years.

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