I have a very good friend his name is Scot. We have the same interests. So its a great relationship. We used to go down Barre Falls Dam often at night. Looking for UFOs. The sky back 15 years ago down there was great. No city lights and very quite. We would very often see those low flying silent running crafts down there. I was married at the time and so was Scot. I called Scot and asked him. If him and his wife wanted to go out for dinner. Then head down Barre Dam when it got dark. He said sure. So after dinner down to the falls we went. All four of us. We parked our car on one of the dirt roads down in the woods going away from the water. We saw a little hill with grass all over it. I said lets sit on the hill. It was a nice night out. Me my wife and Scot and his wife were looking up. Seeing shooting stars and a satellite every so often. I looked down the hill we were on down in the woods. It looked foggy down there. But it was greenish in color and was pulsing. But there was no sound. I said to everyone. Look at that fog. Lets go down there. Scot said no lets just stay here. I said ok I will be back I am going to check it out. He said I would not go. You do not know what that green fog is. Maybe its poison. I said if it was poison we would smell something. So I walked down. As I got closer to the green fog it would go further away from me. I kept following it for awhile and gave up. It just kept moving. I walked back to the hill. Everyone looked frozen in place looking up at the sky. I said hey guys. The fog kept getting away from me. Scot said what fog. I said ya right. I thought he was joking. So I said to my wife at the time. Honey the fog kept moving. She said what fog. Now I thought. They were all in on it denying the fog. When we all saw it. Like a joke. So eventually we all went home. I said to my wife. Did Scot put you up denying the fog. She said honey I did not see any fog. I just gave up thinking about it. Shortly after that I moved to Montana on my mountain. I had not been back to Massachusetts for almost 5 years. I am not one who calls people when I move. But my mom was older. And went back to visit her. While back I called Scot. He said he got divorced a few years ago. And now had a girlfriend named Brenda. I asked if it was ok to come over. He said of coarse.I drove to his house. And he opened the door. I walked in and said hi Brenda I am Wayne. She said your the one Scot always talks about going down Barre Falls looking for aliens. And seeing weird things. She said sit down want a drink juice or something. I said yes thanks. I noticed a green light on the kitchen table I was sitting at.Scot noticed me looking at it.He said.I saw this green light at a garage sale.It reminded me of the pulsing green fog down Barre Falls that time. I said you remember that. He said yes how could I forget ? The ETs can block your mind temporarily and deal with one of many in the same area. And eventually something triggers the experience. In this case . Scot only remembered the experience due to seeing that green light he bought at the garage sale.