I have decided to go ahead and disclose that some time ago (yes I’m being vague on purpose) I discovered what I believe to be an implant in my ear. Here is the story that goes with this.

I wear earplugs to sleep (snoring husband) and right inside my ear where there is a hump on my right ear kept being irritated this started about 6 months before I discover the object in question. I thought it was from the earplugs, well it probably was, the earplugs were putting pressure on the sharp piece of “something” that was in my flesh.

I was putting some lotion on the area with a Q-tip and when I was done I noticed something dark on the Q-tip. So I pulled on it. Out of the Q-tip came an object about 1/4 inch long, hair thin and about as wide as a CD is deep with the middle being wider and the ends tapering to a needle sharpness. It would bend and then go back into shape by itself. It was dark in color. I got a magnifying glass and looked at it. I could see pieces of my skin attached to it so I removed those. It didn’t damage the object. It appeared to have sections that were equal to a square in the center and kept the same width. I thought maybe I could see writing on it but I am not sure.


As soon as it was out of my ear the irritation stopped. For the record I am a wife and do not work outside the home and have no access to metal shavings or anything of that sort nor have I ever had.

The object has been sent somewhere for more study. They contacted me and said they so far they could not rule out the fact that it could be an implant and it wasn’t a scab etc. I will update this blog when I hear anything. So it’s not “nothing”.

About a 3 weeks afterwards my ear began to bother me again. I assume another one is in place, although now I am having no trouble.

And the saga continues.


Well got the report back from the thing that came from my ear…. wood….wood? HUH???? How would I have gotten wood imbedded in my ear? I don’t roll around on the ground, never had. Don’t use saws. Very odd. And why would they have said they needed a bigger microscope and kept it so long if it was just a piece of wood. Supposedly it is coming back to me….. the plot thickens… or maybe I am just insane.

The fever continues. It has been going for a week and a day now. I went to the Dr today. I am very worn down. I asked him to run some tests for radiation. He has been my Dr for 14 years, knows me well, trusts me. I told him what I thought might be going on. It will be interesting to see if anything shows up in the blood tests. Meanwhile I have lost another 10 pounds in the 2 weeks…… whatever is happening it’s ravaging my body.

The radiation test was negative.