Relationship Manipulation & the Breeding Program

by Dana Donlon

How many of us have been manipulated and led into relationships or sexual encounters by the extraterrestrial/interdimensional presence ? Is there a way to separate our own emotions and attractions from those “given” to us? Is this really happening or is it being used by the weak willed as an excuse for bad behavior?

Even the strongest of us, those who know their own thoughts and control their own actions can have their feeling and emotions rioted or soothed by the alien influence. It is only much later as we look back can we see that our behavior was out of character or that the situation was not quite right.

Instead of looking at relationships let’s take a look at fertility and the children that come from ET “arranged” relationships. My own family is full of odd and extremely unlikely pregnancies. Out of nine pregnancies in my family within the last 55 years six have occurred under almost impossible conditions.

Let us take it one step further. How many of the children born under these highly unlikely conditions show abnormal “gifts” or rare bloodtypes? In my own family all of them.

There have been books written and theories formulated that humans are brought together by the ETs so they may study our emotions and behavior. I disagree. I believe we are manipulated into relationships in order the bring certain bloodlines and DNA together.

The chances of a one time sexual encounter producing a child is between 1.5 and .25 percent when using NO birth control. The odds of a one time sexual encounter producing a pregnancy when birth control is used correctly in miniscule. Yes it happens but the chances of it happening more than once over several generations of a family are non-existent.

Have any of these situations occurred “surrounding” a pregnancy in your family? Take a look at how many of the situations below have been experienced in your family in the last two or three generations.

  • There was a one time sexual encounter that resulted in a pregnancy.
  • There was a “sudden” and unlikely attraction between the two people that lasted only as long as the sexual encounter.
  • There was an attraction between the two people that ended as soon as the child was born or shortly thereafter.
  • There was birth control used but it failed during the one sexual encounter two people had.
  • Pregnancy happens immediately before a sterilization or afterwards.
  • A pregnancy occurs during a completely impossible time in the woman’s cycle.
  • There were no signs of pregnancy until an abortion was not an option.
  • For some reason a pro-choice woman who in the past has had an abortion refuses to have an abortion and either keeps the child or gives it up for adoption.
  • The mother claimed and still claims she did not have sex but simply became pregnant.
  • Two people who are not well suited keep coming back together and children are born as a result of each short reconciliation.

Like I stated above 6 of the 9 pregnancies within the last 3 generations of our family (we have a small family) fall into the above categories. It certainly looks like we are being bred like animals to produce the “stock” the ETs require.

When you have that number ask yourself the next question: Are the children born under these conditions more gifted physically, mentally or emotionally? Have they exhibited any of the following?

  • Excellent health with almost no childhood illness and a superior immune system throughout their lives.
  • What we would consider gifts; telepathy, empathy, telekinesis etc.
  • Have they done something that was “impossible” and defied the natural physical laws such as levitating.
  • Are they more emotionally mature and logical than other children.
  • Do they display a confusion over the human rituals that are not logic based such as asking another person “How are you” and giving the canned answer “Fine” or gift giving for no reason.
  • Do they display uncanny knowledge of future or past events.
  • Do they have an appreciation and respect for all living things and an inner need to care for our planet.

In our family’s cases each child born under the top set of circumstances exhibits at least one of the second set. Most exhibit multiple from the second list.

So what can we do about it? Should we warn the upcoming generation? Do we just smile and let it go? Do we decide it’s a good thing?

I have and will continue to warn the next generation. Perhaps my warning will fall on deaf ears or perhaps even forewarned the trap will be effective. But is not awareness the first step towards freedom? Should freedom not always be the goal?