The children exist at a much higher level of frequency thanmost Earthlings do. They are advanced way past duality and lower vibrations. They can connect with us telepathically and through our dream time when our frequency is elevated. If you are interested in connecting through dreams, before falling asleep invite your child to come in and visit you in your dreams. You may not remember it consciously but wake up feeling a warmth in your heart like you didn’t want to leave a place you felt at home with. Your intention is what really matters, if you practice using this technique you will begin to have more and more dreams that you just know are your children connecting. Sometimes my kids come through as a baby blue jay or I just get the sense Im really on a ship. Sometimes ship dreams will be cloaked because we can’t handle that fully with our conscious mind. So you may be in a grocery store but it seems off or different. I have once dreamt of a man in a grocery store we both had babies in our carts and we would speak telepathically and put our foreheads together to communicate. This was in reality a grey being communicating with me and I was receiving information that was needed at that time. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down in the morning when they are fresh in your mind. You can also just play pretend with the children. Just act as if your child is sitting with you during your everyday activities and telepathically communicate with that child. You will begin to feel more bonded the more you practice. This is a great way to communicate with them. Ourchildren need our love that is something we need to do to nurture them. We must show them love and teach them about earth. They also will teach us many things that we need to know. The children will be the first Extraterrestrials to land on earth when the time is right. It is important to grow together and bond as a parent/child relationship to help ease them into the earth civilization. When they come they will help heal the earth and the humans. They will teach us new ways to live together as one and transcend duality. We can learn a lot from them. Open your heart and mind and set the intent to connect with your children today. They miss you on the ships! <3