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Physical, Etheric and Consciousness Abductions

by Dana Donlon

Abduction. The word alone can make us shudder. It brings to mind a violent kidnapping scenario. But within the blurred lines of the exopolitical community it has many meanings. There are also different kinds of abductions that happen to those who have been chosen by the ETs and IDs.

So many times I speak to people of their experiences and they say “There are not enough words to describe what happened”. So first let’s do some defining. On this site ( for more info see the definitions page) I recognize and use three of the bodies or parts that I believe make up a “human” on this world. There is the physical body, there is the energy body or etheric body and there is our consciousness.  For now these “parts” of us are still being debated by science and religion. Eventually I believe that science will find them and define and even be able to separate them as the ETs/IDs do.

Physical abductions are well documented in the UFO community. Many books, papers, first hand accounts and reports are out there to research. Authors make a living entirely by recounting the stories of people who have been physically taken by unknown ships, technologies and Beings. But the second two type of abductions are not so well documented.

If you bring up the extraterrestrial presence at any gathering from a dinner party to a high school keg gathering the reactions will be either jokes made or an uncomfortable silence followed by a change of subject. Even the idea of physical abductions makes people uncomfortable. To acknowledge such a thing means no one is safe. To believe it changes a person’s reality. To experience it changes everything you thought you knew about the world around you. 

But to take the next step and look at the etheric abductions is much more frightening. Beneath the mainstream stories of alien abduction you find the “other” stories. The first hand accounts that describe being on a ship or in a different reality in a body but not the physical body but “their” body and experiencing things at a time when the physical body was accounted for. 

Our energy body or etheric body  (different from the astral body which is created by thought) is a double of our physical body made of energy. It will have a few differences. We may be slightly better looking or  a bit thinner or heavier. We may have a slightly different skin tone or voice. But in general the etheric body is a double. It is what dissipates at the time of death accounting for the weight loss that occurs when we leave the body.  What happens to the etheric body is transmitted to the physical body.  If there is injury or healing of the etheric body  it transfers the changes to the physical body and physical body will reflect those changes. This is how energy healing works. The healer effects the energy body and then this is transferred to the physical body.

Normally our etheric body does not leave our physical body. In astral travel our consciousness leaves and we may create a physical body for ourselves but our etheric body stays with the physical body. That is unless technology is used to remove it.

The alien technology being used by the visitors to our planet is a lot more advanced than our technology. People try to guess and say hundreds or thousands of years ahead of us but the truth is we don’t know how much further they are technologically than we are, we just know they can do a LOT of stuff we cannot even dream of let alone do.  One of those things is the removal of the human energy body from the physical body.  This usually occurs during the time the person is asleep but more and more I hear reports of the telltale symptoms showing up while people are wide awake and going about their day.

As the energy body is removed there is a pulling sensation on the head and neck. It is very subtle and can be missed if the person is busy or physically engaged. When the energy body is actually removed the physical body will instantly become weak and express some or all the following; dizziness, nausea, bowel cramps, headache and general weakness. To me it feels like severe morning sickness.  I have also heard it described as an instant hangover. The energy body is not normally removed for over 3-4 hours at a time. It is my personal opinion that if removed for longer than this there will be a degradation in the physical body that is not easily repaired by the human immune system. If removed long term death will occur (unless another energy body inhabits the human form another topic completely).

The consciousness is just that. Our consciousness is not generally “pulled” with the etheric body it stays in the physical body and we experience the symptoms listed above, we stay awake but do not feel well. If our consciousness is “pulled” along with the energy body then we appear to go into a deep sleep and will not awaken by any normal means until the consciousness returns. I have seen this happen for a period of about three hours.

Consciousness records memory.  If we are still in our physical bodies and feeling the ill effects of the energy body being gone then our memories will record that. If  our consciousness is pulled along with the etheric body then  we will have memories from the experiences of the etheric body during the time we are pulled (and to others seem in a deep sleep). 

Why would the alien presence want to abduct just our energy body? The answer(s) to that question will certainly push most people’s boundaries.

The first reason is nefarious. When service to self oriented ETs or IDs wish to inflict harm or programming this is the easiest way to do it. In my experiences my energy body was used as sexual entertainment for the lower realm reptilians (I use the term lower realm to separate them from other reptilian races who may or may not be benevolent). I would wake many morning with damage from their “use”. 

The same group of Beings used electricity to damage my etheric body, I assume for a fracturing or to make my etheric body leave my physical body more easily. I know this because one night directly after falling asleep I “woke” in my etheric body while being electrocuted.  It was horrifying, I now know exactly what a silent scream feels like. When I came back to my body I could not speak, the damage on my vocal cords transferred to my physical body.

The second reason ET’s and IDs use technology to remove our etheric body is for benevolent interaction. Many, many people refer to this as being pulled.  You feel the physical effects  mentioned above along with a mental stupor of sorts. I believe the lack of mental focus is due to our consciousness being split between two dimensions or places. Many abductees have memories of being in meetings or interactions after their consciousness is whole again.

Now for a big question: Can we have any control over these technologies? Yes and no. I have yet to find an instance in which a person has stated that they can refuse to have their energy body  “pulled”.  Perhaps at some point we will have the technology to stop the etheric abductions but as of now we do not. Will alone can slow the process a bit if the abduction is felt the second there is the upward pull, but no amount of grounding has been able to stop the technology that removes our etheric body.

It is rare, very rare for a person to able to control where their consciousness goes or stays. In my experience it must be a soul decision. In the case of abuse there can be a soul decision for the consciousness to follow the etheric body to record or stop the abuse.  Certain people claim that they can follow their consciousness to the etheric body, but is this a human choice or is it a setting within the technology itself? There is not enough information to know.



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