Haven’t been here of late, life has other priorities apparently.

I needed to share something with everyone here. In the last 3-4 days I have been experiencing severe pain on the side of my head/face that was getting increasingly painful. When I would bend over to pick something up, tie shoes, etc. there was the telltale sign of a severe infection growing as a painful ‘sack’ would throb when bending over, straining etc.

Telltale because I have had tooth issues since a car accident years ago; so severe was the blunt trauma to the face that it moved back my upper and lower jaw line, from the normal positioning of the roots. A dentist could SEE I had severe trauma to the face and not have known my medical history.

Back to the healing. I called to interface with my longtime off-world “mentor” ~ asking for help; that I have a severe infection no medical coverage and afraid I had a severe infection in the sinus /root/ face, somewhere. . . .

He answers back after part of a day passes saying “I will heal you.” Awhile later during grocery shopping, he interfaces with me alarmed, concerned and says “IT (the infection) has something to do with what they (military-stalkers-intimidation and ability to “follow me” with. . ) Afraid that I had an additional (human made inherently flawed) RFD (or something to follow me with ~ besides the other “implants”) breaking down and now causing an infection. . . . I became very scared, asking PLEASE help me this things are DANGEROUS. . . as I pushed a cart around Wally World.

I believe the healing came while I slept. While I couldn’t make out anything distinct in dreaming. . . there was distinctly faces and voices of concern and a peacefulness attached to all this. . . but nothing rock solid.

This morning because I wasn’t feeling that increasing pain, I didn’t think about it. But when I was getting something from a freezer drawer. . . I was automatically DREADING the pain. There WAS NONE. I bent over a second and third time with more of a forced drop of my upper body to feel that growing area of infection and there was NOTHING.

Because of not knowing the origin of the infection. . . because of my compromised immune system (I had childhood onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis, and why a compromised immune system) I believe strongly this occurrence “overnight” to be a deliberate HEALING. In each case when that much pain is felt in infection, I would always end up needing antibiotics, sometimes more than one regime and in a row, depending on how bad the infection. But it’s just gone.

I hope my off-world family somehow interfaces this post acknowledging their HEALING ~
In admiration and deep gratitude
Thank you for Healing me when I had no easy way to get healed,
Love & Gratitude, Nin