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 Stellarpax translates into Universal Peace  from Latin.  No matter what type of experiences humans have had over the last millennia reaching a state of Universal peace is a goal I believe we would all agree on.   We know we are being visited. We know some come to help and some come to take.  Information about Service to Others (STO) and Service to Self  (STS) entities is welcome here.  At this point there are more questions than answers about the whole topic of our visitors.  What is really going on? Who is visiting and why? What do they want? These things we still do not know. But perhaps in the future if those who are experiencing interaction with non-human sentient Beings come forward and tell their stories the questions that cannot be answered by a few of us can be answered by many of us.   Add your voice!

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when am in presence of this being, there vibrational level interact whit mine and induce me in a expanded awareness and my consciousness escaping velocity.
become more attune whit our solar system then the earth gravity and magnetic field (global thought system)and make you see a bigger picture, that all beautiful but when they leave I cant go back to the way I was, I try wont work :) what happen to the people around me?, long time friend family our conversation are not going no were, it become a burden to have a coffee whit them, all of what they talk don't fit your consciousness anymore
am I loosing my humanity?
due to this experience I my messing up the real experience I came here to do, who am I to feel compassion for my sister because she's according to my standard un awake?
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No, Pat, you are not losing your humanity! In my experience, there is a curious disinterest in the subject of UFOs and contact by those who have not experienced anything like it. Many folks can wrap their minds around the idea that there is other other intelligent life in the universe "out there" somewhere. But if you try to tell them that other life forms might be HERE, they shut down. Perhaps the ideas you are sharing are too overwhelming for your friends?

Yes, I think this is one of the reasons we are all here on this site. We can share our experiences here and be stimulated by our like-minded brothers and sisters here. However, we can still shine our light elsewhere. I may have posted this here already but I will repeat it. I was in a dollar store recently. As soon as I walked in I could tell that the vibrational level in the store was really low. Nobody was talking. Everyone was just standing in line to pay for their merchandise. I said to everyone, "Does anyone know where I can recycle my batteries and florescent lights?" Suddenly, everyone came to life and they started talking and giving me advice. I made THEM the experts plus I planted the seed of recycling. Before I left, everyone was still talking but now about other things. I made it a point to physically touch one person. It was a man. I touched his arm, looked him square in the eye and said, "Thank you. You've been so kind." This small "thing" had a great effect on him. I could have knocked him down with a feather. I know he will remember that moment for a long, long time. Mission accomplished.

Hi pat -- yes -- this contact changes us -- ALL of us. None of us can ever be the same. This is not something spooky but it is a priviledge. Our entire world and dimension is undergoing what can only be described as "The Shift of the Ages." You are NOT "loosing your humanity" . . . you are in the process of discovering that who and what you are is a whole lot bigger than you ever imagined. If you allow yourself . . . you will gain compassion, understanding and forgiveness for all beings throughout the entire Universe. This transition will go a lot smoother if you learn to learn to let go of concepts that are outworn and no longer apply. We are being incrementally TRAINED into an entirely different way of thinking which is NOT what our 3D linear minds are used to -- but -- is a kind of holonomic "groking." Another way to put it is -- we are in the middle of a dimensional shift -- and we who are beginning contact with our extraterrestrial neighbors are like explorers, pioneers and forerunners of this New Paradigm of consciousness. It is oftentimes NOT PLEASANT for us because we have a whole LOT of erroneous fears, false concepts and entrenched traditional wrong ideas which are being dissolved. You can find ways, however, of shielding and protecting yourself from anything that would cause you any real harm. Although we may sometimes disagree -- we are NOT the victims of any outside invading forces. On some level -- whether we know it or not -- whether we remember it or not -- we volunteered to incarnate here during this incredible Shift of the Ages. Peace to you. namaste, Roy

Here is a documentary about a MASS CONTACT which occurred in Italy in the 1950s. I had never heard about it before. It is especially interesting because of so many people being involved. See what you think.
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This was fascinating, Roy. The letter from Voltaire? OMGosh. At the end, however, they didn't reveal in any detail about what happened that the contact stopped. The only said that something unsavory happened that stopped the contact. Great Find. Thanks for posting this. Blessings, Kim

We had an object go flying across the kitchen today. Thrown by? First time for that. Blog post is on the right; Flying Objects in the Kitchen!
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I seen in a number of reports that paranormal incidents often accompany other-worldly contact. Definitely got your attention. It was such a strange object to throw. A real attention getter. Maybe someone is trying to get your attention?

"I seen." Good Heavens. I don't talk like that. I need to proof my stuff.

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My fav Mary Rodwell interview

If you wish to see My Experience under hypnosis for 20/20 New Zealand here is the link. . Caution some scary content and you will need headphones to hear it properly
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Quite extraordinary,John. Which "version" of the Talmud of Immanuel was Armesiss referring? This interests me greatly. We're go glad you are here. Blessings, Kim

Hi Kim. From what I am told it is the original text that was destroyed in turkey but it was coppied and released to the vatican and the Elite families of the time . there are many barstardised versions out there butthere is truth in all of them . Remember when originals are coppied and altered they alway's hide the truth between two lies and this procedure is still in force to this day. For those with eyes to see is one of the most profound statements ever placed into the human psychie

I'll try to upload a little Armesiss text today

Thanks John. Upload away!

I'll put transcript of the 20/20 vid up next will be much easier to understand . In Light. John

There are timelines mentioned but this is for my protection not real dates as i found out in later hypno sessions

Wow John -- I watched this whole video. It went from raw and extreme terror -- apparently the earlier encounter with the Zeta Reticulans to Armesiss and our Creators the Elohim and then, Armesiss says the real life of Jesus is best expressed in the Talmud Immanuel. If anyone wishes to know a little about the origins of the TJ and the very incredible scolarly research that has been done upon it by Jim Deardorf (someone I encountered and commicated with several years ago) -- here is the link:

Oh Wow, thanks for that link, Roy. You're our resident encyclopedia.

Take a look at this:
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I just posted this to my FB page.

I enjoy listening to this wonderful man speak. After listening to this video I felt rather incomplete and stronger.

Dana thanks for all you do on this site...By Believers For Believers...I love the sound of that!!!
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Earthfiles: Attorney Encounters Non-Human Entities
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I am so happy that I come from where I come from. My experiences have all been positive. Never scary in the least.

Glad to hear that, Kim. I can’t help but think that’s the way it should be. I’ve had a couple of experiences that on the surface could easily be taken as negative. But I never really felt that way about them: unless mystification is considered to be negative.

Mystification? I live in that neighborhood. Never negative.

I have met the dark and come through it to the light. I would not want to do it again.

Here is Bright Garlick's account of his visit with aliens. What he says is intriguing, best to watch all four parts.
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When he is describing the sounds in part one, I get the notion that a beat frequency is being generated using basically the same technique one would use to generate monaural or binaural beats for use in brainwave entrainment. He even mentions “feeling” the sound, which implies subsonic frequencies: again, as typically used in brainwave entrainment.

I like his conclusion that all the beings he encountered during this experience are benevolent.

These were excellent. In the 4th vid, he talked ever-so-briefly about their ability to manipulate time and that even after the event, he's remembering what happened differently than he originally remembered it. In the past few years, many of my own experiences have dealt with time, in some way. Missing, accelerated, time slips, etc. I'm glad there's a record of this 4 part series here. Thanks for posting.

Yes, Stevie. I'm happy about the conclusion, too. My experiences have all been positive, too.


Caught on camera: UFO flying through sky near Shawnee Oklahoma
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Sorry I could only post the URL. Apparently, the news website does not provide embed code for their videos. I’ll delete this post in a while, since we can’t get the actual videos to display here. But I thought I should give anybody who’s interested a chance to see the rest of the story first.

That first video was from the 5:00 pm news show. The same source (KOCO channel 5 in OKC) promised to provide an explanation from the “experts” on their 6:00 pm show. Here’s another URL for the video showing that report.

Only seems to be one expert giving a definitive answer though: a meteor. Hmm . . . maybe someone can explain how a meteor slows down as it approaches the ground. LOL! In all fairness though, it’s still possible that what we are seeing is lens flare from car lights on the road below, or a reflection. The camera is located at a casino on I-40, just west of Shawnee. They call it a tower cam, but I don’t know if it is mounted outdoors on a tower in the usual fashion or inside a building. If it is in a building, behind a window, then we might of course, be seeing a reflection off the glass.

I must have seen the 5:00 and it looked like someone was definitely in control. It did indeed slow down as it approached the ground.

WOW !! Good catch!

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Looks quite intriguing.

There are similarities between Bright Garlick's experience (above) to Alan's experience here. Bright talked about the craft where he was taken on board as "biologic" and how the craft itself was a living entity and responsive to the ET entities and to him, as well. Alec talks about the "homes" in this other dimension he experienced with the ET's he was with and that the homes people lived in were also biologic in the same way - responsive to the inhabitants. WOW. Still listening.

This was an excellent interview. The author Alec Newald, is writing his second book CoEvolution II. He said there were a lot of things that he didn't include in the first book. Poor guy was threatened, beaten, and arrested on some "trumped-up" charges and has a felony on his record now. All for speaking out and writing his book. Totally worth listening to in my opinion. Enjoy.

Just listened to this. Interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.

Still learning how to get around this site. I love it so far. Glad to have a place to share experiences! I am very in tune with the hybridization program and am in contact with my hybrid children. Glad to talk with anyone if they also have contact with their children and have questions I've posted some blogs about my experiences, but Im not sure if that's the best way to share information on here. Much Love to everyone! Adonai.
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Hi Ariel,

In the last 3 or 4 years I've been contacted by my daughter, Tam. Learning more about her through regression that Mary Rodwell did with me recently. The first contact came at the dentist's office, of all places. She came to me and said, "Hi Mom."

That's awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing! They come to us when we are ready! :)

I'very been writing in spiral notebooks as a release for the last 10 years... it was a great outlet at first but now I feel crazy and trapped between the lines on the paper. It is scary to hear that people have had experiences worse than mine but it's oddly cumforting to know I'm not alone
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Piece of input*

I have a crystal child (physically) and 5 hybrid children who still exist in the higher dimensions on the ships. If you ever want to chat send me a message. :)

I can relate to the note book as I have more than just a handful of the old miltary green and black hard back note books I kept also. These days I can't write much more than my sig. If I do any hand writing its actually hand printing anymore. I can't seem to write free hand the way I used to. Thanks to key pads probably but I like typing. I have moved some of it to my blogs. I doubt I'd ever get it all moved over.

I keep my journal of experiences that are "beyond" ;) what I want to publish in a handwritten journal then my online blog posts since 2009 (over on the right side of the page under Dana's original blog posts if anyone wants to read them). I think we tend to forget a lot of the ET experiences so journaling them in some form is important.

Thank you for such an awesome place!
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Mary Rodwell's latest on New Humans
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WOW – many points hitting home: let there be corroboration! Thanks for posting this, Dennis.

I cannot get enough of Mary Rodwell. She is such an exquisite soul and has such an important message to share as a result of all the research she's doing. And she is so articulate. Next time around, I want her to be my mother. To Mary. With Love, Kim

Thanks for posting Dennis

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