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It is TIME!! For Experiencers to have their own place to share and chat and buy and sell and prosper in EVERY way!  March 1st will be the Grand Opening for the Stellarpax community. A companion site for FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Research) Stellar Pax is an answer. We will be featuring private profiles, video uploads, music uploads, image uploads, Personal blogs with images, private messaging, a forum and a social wall. Do you have something experiencers want? A service or product? Place it here! We will be accepting registrations while the site is completing it’s fine tuning, so register now and fill out your profile. Be sure and sign up for the mailing list so we can let you know when it’s time to rock and roll!

 Stellarpax translates into Universal Peace  from Latin.  No matter what type of experiences humans have had over the last millennia reaching a state of Universal peace is a goal I believe we would all agree on.   We know we are being visited. We know some come to help and some come to take.  On this site are articles on both types of ETs (extra-terrestrials) and IDs (inter-dimensionals).    Hopefully these articles will help those of you who search for information on both the STO (service to others) and STS (service to self) types of Beings. At this point there are more questions than answers about the whole topic of our visitors, however I feel that those who have had up close and personal contact with them  should share the information they have, so I do.  Do you have information to add? Join up and blog it!

Hopefully some of the information will be helpful to those who find themselves either experiencing ET/ID phenomena or simply need more information on the topic. I began my original Blog because I could not find information on the phenomena I was personally experiencing but in the last five or six years the topic of extra-terrestrial life has become much less taboo and much more information is available. What is really going on? Who is visiting and why? What do they want? These things we still do not know. But perhaps in the future if those who are experiencing interaction with non-human sentient Beings come forward and tell their stories the questions that cannot be answered by a few of us can be answered by many of us.   Add your voice!

Love to you and yours    

Dana Donlon and the Stellarpax Team


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Love the site! I'm ready to rock and roll on here!! :-)
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A ton of invites are about to be issued so more will be here soon!!


Nice site! Great job!!
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