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 Stellarpax translates into Universal Peace  from Latin.  No matter what type of experiences humans have had over the last millennia reaching a state of Universal peace is a goal I believe we would all agree on.   We know we are being visited. We know some come to help and some come to take.  Information about Service to Others (STO) and Service to Self  (STS) entities is welcome here.  At this point there are more questions than answers about the whole topic of our visitors.  What is really going on? Who is visiting and why? What do they want? These things we still do not know. But perhaps in the future if those who are experiencing interaction with non-human sentient Beings come forward and tell their stories the questions that cannot be answered by a few of us can be answered by many of us.   Add your voice!

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I also wanted to share a documentary re-enactment of Whitley Strieber' abduction experience... called "Alien Encounters- Real UFO Abduction"

One of my many theories is that Moses' burning bush was desert scrub that caught on fire after a lift-off but as an EXPERIENCER couldn't bring himself to say the message came from where it did, so he said the "vision came in a burning bush."

Another theory of mine is that angels in Ancient Times are the very same Off-World Beings in Modern Times after humankind could finally process it all and call it like it IS. Speaking of things Super Natural, here is a link to Whitley' latest book of the same name:

Thank You Whitley..... and all experiencers for coming forward with your frank, candid and intimate abduction experiences.

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I read a few of Whitney's books early on and really agree with the perspective he has now taken on about this mysterious experience. He said, " I saw aliens during my contact experiences. Had it been a thousand years ago, I suppose that I would have seen angels and demons. Two thousand years ago, they would have been gods." We often forget about (or ignore) how OUR OWN MINDS WORK when trying to discern this phenomena. Our brains SORT OUT every experience according to the images, archetypes, learned concepts, views of reality, emotions experienced, education, traumas and thousands of other items. Then . . . our brains PROCESS all this information (very very rapidly) into a 3D LINEAR SCENARIO which makes sense TO US PERSONALLY. When confronted with something which DOES NOT COMPUTE, our MINDS STILL make up a scenario which DOES makes sense but only as our individual mind is capable of doing so using the available experiences and understandings. So . . . that is exactly why NO TWO EXPERIENCERS have the exact same experience -- although they may be similar in many respects. Those experiences are FILTERED, INTERPRETED, GLEANED, INTERPRETED and PROCESSED individually. What may appear to us as SOLID 3D FACT may be the fudge factor of our OWN INDIVIDUAL MIND. In other words, as Whitley says, this experience is just as much an INNER one as it is an OUTER one. namaste -- Roy

Roy ~ Indeed it is as much an inner experience as it is an outer experience... Well said, Whitley! It's really strange. When Whitley' book "Communion" came out it was so popular everyone I knew at the time was reading it. That's not the strange part. What was strange was that every time I picked up his book I couldn't wait to read I would have to take and turn the cover side downward because I couldn't look at the picture without reeling from the feelings of repulsion, angst, anger, confusion, terror. Bravo Ted Seth Jacobs AND Whitley, an art rendering of an unspeakable emotion well done. Some of our community might get the impression I have a case of Stockholm Syndrome (past posts) au, contraire`. All of my lifelong experiences were positive. With the exception of 3 of them. Those 3 experiences were effectively terrifying. There was an element of Whitley' experience that Whitley himself conveyed so clearly to Ted that eventually it bled through the rendering of the off-world Being on the cover of "Communion" like a hemorrhage. I couldn't remember WHY it was so awful so repulsive.... eventually I resorted to stacking magazines on it so I didn't have to look. I started remembering more fully all my Contacts/ Experiences only 3 years ago. I know that some were effected by the art work on Communion in the very same way I was but I only learned that others were effected that same way 3 months ago. There's those darn 3's again. The number 3 is Mu' number. Namaste _/\_ Nin

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I found this photo of Whitley Strieber online and thought I should say something like "We were all younger then..." then thought twice.

I hope I wasn't misunderstood, whenever I see an older photo of myself or anyone, I always comment, "hey we were ALL younger then..." this is an undated photo I found online... what can I say, Whitley looks VERY happy.

I just watched a wonderful documentary about ORBS and CROP CIRCLES.
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Hi Roy ~ Awesome share, TY!

Had a dream last night I was on the roof of my shop and my wife was on the roof of my house and both of us were wearing masks and using snow shovels to shovel off volcanic ash falling from the sky! I remember thinking to myself how heavy just
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a little bit of it was compared to snow

Sitting here watching World News "Severe Weather" report. Tornadoes, flooding, blizzards and hail. It's a little bit scary!

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Hello John, and welcome!


Hello. Glad to see some new members.

Promotional picture from a radio interview...
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Alien abductee. Glad to be a member of Stellarpax. My Uforia experience was good, and I'm always happy to share. Look forward to reading about other people's alien experiences and views.
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Welcome Edenmone! We're glad you're here!

I'll be interested to hear about it. I've found myself to have a head full of hardware that just couldn't be done "locally". So, I'm checking everything I see on the topic to try and learn what some of this stuff is, and what it does.

Since I've already begun (in a small way) to discover just WHAT this technology IS, when I saw this, I have to say:
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This is the NEW Reniassance -- and it is beginning very near to where the first reniassance began.


Mainstream journalist, spots UFO, publishes his own photos

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Don’t know why the link didn’t stick. Here it is again:

Someone on another sight compared the object photographed by the above referenced journalist to the object shown in this video by Robert Bingham, which appears to assume the same figure 8/infinity sign configuration.

Really interesting, Stevie! Thanks for the video,too.

Wow I got really emotional watching this. Thanks Stevie.

I don't think that is a ship. It's either a life form or the energy exhaust of a cloaked craft.

Hey Ladies! Glad you found it interesting.
Dana, I tend to agree, especially about a life form.

very good book, am currently translating it in French :)
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it a none fiction book,whit great care to detail and study.

This starts a bit weird but once it gets going the beginning is somewhat disturbing but needed info I think. Dana have you seen this Russian video?
2 0 here ed mitchell just recently says at 27 min in some history making news!

Thanks for pointing out the 27 min mark, TNT. It's amazing how the mainstream media constantly misses (or ignores) these revelations.

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Hi, All! I just rediscovered the above news article. I think this discovery in consciousness raises some questions concerning experiencers' "missing" time and perhaps loss of memory. See what you think.

I read the article, but couldn't find any real correlation to experiencers missing time. I have had a seizure and you're not conscious that you have even had one. On the other hand, experiencers have some high strangeness they remember in the mix with "missing" time, there fore remember having missing. Electrodes attached to the scalp and or parts of the brain was something that was used as a means of torture and mind-control by the CIA during the Vietnam war. I can't see the use for it except in the most extreme individual case, as with the woman in your article you posted.

Namaste _/\_

Well, although I am STILL uncertain if I am an experiencer, I have had some very peculiar times that have felt like "clap-on/clap off" consciousness. It has happened through my adult life that I will startle awake afraid, but then immediately fall back to sleep--even when I reached out and felt something next to the bed, or had decided to investigate what woke me up, or EVEN once when I thought my baby was threatened! If there is such an area of the brain that disrupts normal consciousness without causing a seizure, it seems to me that it could be targeted when a person is taken. The woman also had no memory of the time she was unconscious. I have read of experiencers being "stared" at by Tall Grey Ones, and immediately blacking out. Perhaps that could be a way to prevent someone from becoming overly frightened or, more nefariously, to ensure compliance during REABS.

To be more specific in my comment above:

Perhaps stimulating this part of the brain could be a way to prevent someone from becoming overly frightened or, more nefariously, to ensure compliance during REABS.

The woman in the article also had no memory of the period of time she was unconscious. I just wonder if this could be part of the reason why those who are taken sometimes have such choppy memories, or even long periods of "blankness".

on one of many abduction I went tru,there was one time were I wok up and was being taking to some place, I was watching a tall gray holding my legs another one add his hands under my shoulder, and a 3 one was walking beside me, when I look at the one beside me in the eyes he suddenly realize I was awake and he got inside my head and projected a room and I find my self in that room seating on a sofa I still can see hem projecting that reality whit in my head and then I got lost whit in a dream like and wok up again in my bed room

and also I find out that the more you are blindly accepting what happening to you the more you remember, the memory's unblock slowly I think some how it could be attaches to our free will some how ?

Very interesting, Pat! Thank you for the insight. So as I understand you, you did not lose consciousness; rather went into a dream-like state? I do not remember dreaming (but again, these experiences of "clap-off consciousness" happened in the 1990s) ; I just woke up the next morning. In the morning afterward, I would be very puzzled, so I wrote down what happened in my journal.

7/1/1994 journal entry: "I awoke to the 'awareness' that something was right next to the bed looking at me and I reached out. I remember touching something, but I almost immediately fell back to sleep after realizing this. (I remember I was frightened when I jolted awake-my heart was pounding as usual. Yet I fell asleep right away?!) It’s a peculiar phenomenon."

well they try to put me in a dream like state, but I could see how it was done, another time a big flash of light wok me,i went to the window to see what was going on out side but did not see nothing in seat down on my bed very puzzled about it and I lay on my side and was staring at the wall when sudently something grabed my arms and was pulling but I cant see nothing and it was pulling hard and after a few minute it turn me on my back and I was saying in pull pull and it stop I thought at first they were trying to pull me out of body but it was not the case I was somewhere on a ship and they were hiding in my mind what was to see when it stop I felt something in my window frame I turn around to see and I saw a lil boy like hiding his face whit my bed cover I grab it and pull on it the strength I felt was not physical it was like I was pulling on a rop that tight up to a building was not moving then when I let go he also let go and the bed cover felt on the ground and we stare at each other for like 30 second, it was life changing I felt like have reunited whit a 1000 years old friend or family i add memory's coming back of a 12 reincarnation that he was also involve i felt this tremendous awakening and love and caring from this lil being he was no more then 3 foot human eyes small head vanilla skin and wrinkle under his eyes he was old, on a second time he came they did pull me out of body during a abduction all explain that one later got to work a bit lol :)

Hello everyone! Thank you for the invite! My name is Mandy and Im from TN!i am very exicted to be umong people whk are understanding of these kinds of experiences! Finally i wont be laughed at ;)
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Hi,Mandy; We look forward to hearing about your experiences! :)

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Good Afternoon, I am a new member and am so happy to have joined such a friendly group. I don't have any real interaction stories or sightings to share but I do have a big yearning to share. And its a simple one. That if ET's who are benevolent toward us would know that so many humans are not violent, dangerous or have malevolent feelings or attitudes to ourselves or others. I am heartsick at the thought that with so many wars and conflicts and a trigger happy percentage of humans that visitors might get the idea that we are all the same. Any ET who shares my POV would be made welcome into our home and given the same hospitality as anyone else. I'm no Pollyanna and realize that not all of us share the same thoughts but peace should be the starting point in any new relationship. I've even stood outside at night time and tried to share these thoughts telepathically hoping that someone might hear me and know that not all of us (ordinary people) are going to hurt them if they come down and try to make contact. :)

Welcome, Karen! We are glad you are here :-)

Karen, I am certain they hear each and every one of us. Stay the course! Love, Kim

Hello -- here is a video which I just saw. It is relevant to all of us and I felt it should be shared.
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NEW ARTICLE - Has you family been "bred" through ET influence.
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Hmm . . . my link faux pas must be contagious, Dana. I’m getting an error on this one.

I wrote my comment with the link that Terry provided and it's not showing up here but it is showing up under the same title under Dana's Blog and news articles to the right of this page.

Yep Kim -- I found that out too. :) I too have a comment up on this one which is . . . to say the least . . . an important and fascinating subject to tackle? Thank you Dana.

Hi my name is frank I have been having an amazing contact for about three years my experiences are mostly spiritual in nature there is a physical aspect they fly over my house . My contact started when I started investigating the Gilliland Ranch . I have made contact with a feline person from Sirius her name is Ba-Geet she is awesome her spirit is with me 24/7!

I have little doubt about that. We tend to come with features that are neither standard or optional on most human beings. I can ascribe a certain portion of that to being one of two remaining first generation MK Ultra survivors. But there's stuff happening with some of my children and grand children that they weren't processed as I was. And the hardware in my skull just boggles my mind on how it got there.

If NASA tells us the truth about this, it could get to be quite interesting.

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Mr. Rayman’s statement as to why no pictures lately, seems a bit contradictory though. We were just recently shown that the spots continue to glow as they rotate into the darkness. Here’s hoping Linda can pin NASA down and get the truth out of them. She’s doggedly persistent and thorough. She just may pull it off.

hey Steve? No link?

Ooops! Sorry 'bout that!

If it has water, and if the spots have been in the same place for over ten years it has to be the reflection of algae or fungal type glossy layer growth consistent with what we've seen here with light phenom in some other videos.

Wow, great find Stevie. We will see what Nasa says in another month. Meanwhile all the other astronomers will be bird-doggin' this as well - astronomers who aren't beholding to anyone. Don't you think?

That’s an intriguing thought, T. But I can’t get over how the glow is maintained as the spots move into the shadows. Do you think it could be bioluminescence? It seems so bright for that sort of thing. I guess that could be due to contrast and overall amplification of the image though, given that the whole seen is relatively dimly lighted.

If it’s reflection and the images are giving a reasonably accurate depiction of the incident light angle, it kind of implies that we’re seeing something other than a flat surface. That part makes sense: convex by virtue of the curvature of the dwarf planet surface or concave due to the curvature of the crater. But it also implies that the points of interest are at some significant distance above the surface of the planet.

I don’t know, man. But I sure am curious.

No doubt, Kim. And I sure hope there are some who can monitor the transmissions from Dawn and capture those incoming pictures.

No matter what it may be . . . one thing I know for sure . . . the entire Universe is very much ALIVE and we only see a tiny tiny sliver of the many constantly interacting LIVING frequencies out there.

Couldn’t agree more, Roy! As though we are in a cocoon peering outward through a pinhole. And I’ve always believed that life exists throughout the Universe(s). I can’t imagine how it could possibly be otherwise.

Here's an update about the bright spots (with new photos):

Just want to try this and see if it works to get the video to show up here when all we have is the URL and no embed code is provided. Actually, this is not a video per se, it’s an animated gif, but let’s see what happens.

And BTW Synch, thanks for your previous update!

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Total Lunar Eclipse - April 4, 2015 - Blood Moon Eclipse
Shortest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century
For those of us Eastern time zone, this will occur very early on 4-4-2015. Check out the narrative on the web address provided.

We are particularly interested in orbs/spheres and their connection to chemtrails. These orbs have also been linked to the crop circle phenomena. We have had ongoing observation and interaction with these spheres/orbs in glowing red and white forms up close. We would like to hear your thoughts on these spheres and the chemtrail connection. There are many videos on youtube and the net showing this interaction. Here is one:

UFO (ORB) Fires Its Gun into Chemtrail!! Twice!!


Crop circles and balls of light

Own footage (with links added to others who have captured similar video footage):

Close up dark orb/sphere UFO emitting red light 14 8 2012

Are you experiencing these? These are solid orbs/spheres seen with the naked eye as opposed to captured orbs on photographs. They also cluster together like a sack of netballs or an eggsack and float through the air. When they cloak they take on the appearance of a black plastic bag floating through the air. Thoughts most welcome.
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I think its the same thing I've seen all my life, the same life orbs that we are basically. The entire place is made up of em in all different sizes and at various levels of development. I've seen them here in Oklahoma in the 26 years we've lived in tornado alley. They seem to feed on the electron discharge going on in electric storms cause I've seen them gathering there behind wall clouds and such. Every now and then the news happens to catch one with the chopper flying showing everyone the warnings for our areas and damage and what not because the orbs or whatever are out there too. I think they are always advanced beings some of which seem more able or more ready to morph or change shape and color and the natives I''ve lived around say they can be dust devils, and light, or skin walkers, or shadow beings, big foot as in the man of the forest type beings, wear wolves and more.

I think its the same thing I've seen all my life, the same life orbs that we are basically. The entire place is made up of em in all different sizes and at various levels of development. I've seen them here in Oklahoma in the 26 years we've lived in tornado alley. They seem to feed on the electron discharge going on in electric storms cause I've seen them gathering there behind wall clouds and such. Every now and then the news happens to catch one with the chopper flying showing everyone the warnings for our areas and damage and what not because the orbs or whatever are out there too. I think they are always advanced beings some of which seem more able or more ready to morph or change shape and color and the natives I''ve lived around say they can be dust devils, and light, or skin walkers, or shadow beings, big foot as in the man of the forest type beings, wear wolves and more.

Incidentally when I lived on the Navajo reservation in Tsaile, Az a friend of mine saw a skin walker while out with his sheep and it flashed a bright light and he could not and had to be led around for like three days like a blind man after the run in. Finally like midway through the third day his sight came back.

I don't know how I skip whole words now. Supposed to say, after the flash he could not see! It blinded him instantly which apparently at least out there, they are somewhat known for.

I don't really have much experience with orbs except for the bright white and purple ones in my house. However, I would hope that on the video of the orb shooting into the chemrail it is an effort to neutralize the effects of the chemtrail. Incidentally, I saw many more than just one orb. There were many in the video. I also saw a video of yours that showed an orb flying into a waterfall. It seemed to me that it was being energized by the power of the waterfall. I felt happy and exhilarated when I watched that one. A couple years ago on a beautiful, still summer night here in Northeastern Ohio, my husband and I were sitting out on the back porch. Little by little we both observed a gathering of small, bright, white lights settling in the woods right next to our driveway. We live way out in the country, by the way. In a space of about 5 minutes, there were hundreds and hundreds of them. They were definitely not fireflies or lightening bugs. I believe that they might have been elementals. I felt as though they were observing us observing them. They stayed for a long, long time and then left. I have never seen them since. I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but I could hear them chattering. They so wanted to come closer but seemed a little too shy. They never breached the driveway. It was quite a sight.

Wow, I never realized this sort of thing was happening with orbs and chemtrails. We get quite a bit of chemtrailling where I live. I’ll start watching more closely!

Hello everyone -- Stevie, Kim,TNT and StoneHobbit especially. I am discovering more and more about these ORBS. I am interested to know, WHAT do you think these Orbs are? I am starting to have a glimmer (a potential AHA) about these and I will be writing a full (part 1 type) post about my growing "theory" about them soon -- today most likely. :) I think these are undoubtedly one of the MOST important factors concerning the entire UFO/ETI phenomena. I think -- in the comments just above -- the best exposition of that question (WHAT ARE THEY?) got stated when TNT said, "the same life Orbs that WE ARE basically." Look out for my new post and let's have an in depth discussion about these. Yes -- they mitigate chemtrails -- especially the NANOTECHNOLOGY being sprayed upon us. This is by far the most dangerous thing about chemtrails -- and -- as most eveyone well knows by now -- corp circles have been filmed to magically appear out of nowhere when these Orbs are whizzing around. Yes -- these ARE one of the most important factors about the UFO/ETI contact for us to understand and the unveiling of them (by the ETs themselves) has been gradually and incremental to prepare the fertile soil of our consciousness. :) namaste, Roy

I mean CROP circles heheheh.

I found another notable quote about WHAT the Orbs ARE. "In truth we are all light orbs of awareness of various levels of development." ~ TNT. namaste, Roy

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Kind of reminiscent of the Phoenix lights.

Probably one of the most important vids of the year so far!
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I couldn't pull anything on this. Is there more to the ending?

Yes I would start about 28 min. in and from there on out its pretty astounding really.

No, what I meant was that the address seems a little short and when I copy and paste it doesn't bring up a video.

Oh. Okay hang on. Lets try again,

Thanks TNT have downloaded that and added that to the watchlist

Yes, I agree TNT. Just astounding.

The long "mother ship" has clear configuration of three lights on the front. I have never seen such an excellent video exposition of this. It is clear that they are the "carrier" energy fields for the little scout Orbs to do their work. You know friends -- THERE IS and has been DIVINE INTERVENTION ON OUR BEHALF taking place. Our beautiful Mother Earth and all her children are about to be LIBERATED once and for all. NO, they are NOT "doing everything for us" by any means. Only responding to the inmost desire and vision of our hearts -- and they ARE taking care of the parts that are presently completely beyond our abilities. <-- my personal opinion of course. namaste, Roy

Not in english but the artwork is very intersting


This is a stunning documentary made in collaboration with Iván Martínez de, in which we expose artistic works of Robert Llimós, a Barcelona painter who bases everything on an experience he had in Brazil in 2009 when an alien spacecraft appeared before him, and through its windows could witness some disturbing reptilian beings. It was a male and a female, of reptilian appearance, gentle and kind factions who stood before Robert suspected him to be memorized (something like posing for the artist) and then reflected in his paintings and impressive sculptures. A unique and fascinating story in the history of this channel, which includes a full tour of his gallery.
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Sure had a profound effect on the man to come out with all those! Quite long lasting and profound! I think we can all relate to that somewhat here huh?

Thank you, StoneHobbit for posting this. I skimmed through the video just to see the artwork, but I did not realize how recognized Mr Llimós is. He created the sculptures "Threshold" to commemorate the Atlanta Olympics and "Marc" for Barcelona. Cool!

Very impressive! Thank you for sharing!

TY for sharing that StoneHobbit... I thought because the author says that this was reptilian, I assumed it was. But as I looked at the artwork closely, the species is called (according to some) "Al_Gruualix" and while they look 'reptilian' they only look like them but apparently have nothing else in common with reptilians. There are about 5 different species that look like or are misidentified as reptilian. There is one very aggressive species that everyone seems to make reference to, yet other much more peaceful species are getting lopped into that category of "reptilian". There is one of the 5 that claim that they were here (maybe) 10,00 yrs before Annunaki, but its simply not true. Annunaki were probing this place since it was a molten mass and nothing could live on it (Earth) yet. The Al-Gruualix grow to be about 6' tall and while their reason for being here seems unknown, they are MUCH more peaceful than a specific species of Reptilian. The last reported sighting of Al-Gruualix wee seen near (Lima?) Peru in 2004.

correction: ** 10,000 years before.... :)

Wow, what an experience for this artist and the passion that grew out of his experience. Beautiful. Wish my Spanish was better. Thanks for posting Stone.

Wow StoneHobbit -- you are certainly on a roll today. This is absolutely TREMENDOUS. This fine artist is directly CHANNELING his art from real extraterrestrial bioforms and the real LIVING materialized craft. And . . . do you SEE the beautiful love-light emerging out of each one of these. These ones are of the Galactic Federation of Light. We will be meeting these brothers and sisters face to face very soon as we begin the Galactic adventure. Obviously, Nin already knows these beings and most probably has directly encountered them. My, this is really exciting. It sure gets this day off to a very good start. Peace to all . . . and . . . namaste, Roy

Dana My latest article :)
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I Dana -- I did put a couple of replys to your fine article but they did not show up here. I probably do not understand how the program works. heheheh. Peace to you . . . namaste

They will show up on the article page if you commented there. :) I did reply.

when am in presence of this being, there vibrational level interact whit mine and induce me in a expanded awareness and my consciousness escaping velocity.
become more attune whit our solar system then the earth gravity and magnetic field (global thought system)and make you see a bigger picture, that all beautiful but when they leave I cant go back to the way I was, I try wont work :) what happen to the people around me?, long time friend family our conversation are not going no were, it become a burden to have a coffee whit them, all of what they talk don't fit your consciousness anymore
am I loosing my humanity?
due to this experience I my messing up the real experience I came here to do, who am I to feel compassion for my sister because she's according to my standard un awake?
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No, Pat, you are not losing your humanity! In my experience, there is a curious disinterest in the subject of UFOs and contact by those who have not experienced anything like it. Many folks can wrap their minds around the idea that there is other other intelligent life in the universe "out there" somewhere. But if you try to tell them that other life forms might be HERE, they shut down. Perhaps the ideas you are sharing are too overwhelming for your friends?

Yes, I think this is one of the reasons we are all here on this site. We can share our experiences here and be stimulated by our like-minded brothers and sisters here. However, we can still shine our light elsewhere. I may have posted this here already but I will repeat it. I was in a dollar store recently. As soon as I walked in I could tell that the vibrational level in the store was really low. Nobody was talking. Everyone was just standing in line to pay for their merchandise. I said to everyone, "Does anyone know where I can recycle my batteries and florescent lights?" Suddenly, everyone came to life and they started talking and giving me advice. I made THEM the experts plus I planted the seed of recycling. Before I left, everyone was still talking but now about other things. I made it a point to physically touch one person. It was a man. I touched his arm, looked him square in the eye and said, "Thank you. You've been so kind." This small "thing" had a great effect on him. I could have knocked him down with a feather. I know he will remember that moment for a long, long time. Mission accomplished.

Hi pat -- yes -- this contact changes us -- ALL of us. None of us can ever be the same. This is not something spooky but it is a priviledge. Our entire world and dimension is undergoing what can only be described as "The Shift of the Ages." You are NOT "loosing your humanity" . . . you are in the process of discovering that who and what you are is a whole lot bigger than you ever imagined. If you allow yourself . . . you will gain compassion, understanding and forgiveness for all beings throughout the entire Universe. This transition will go a lot smoother if you learn to learn to let go of concepts that are outworn and no longer apply. We are being incrementally TRAINED into an entirely different way of thinking which is NOT what our 3D linear minds are used to -- but -- is a kind of holonomic "groking." Another way to put it is -- we are in the middle of a dimensional shift -- and we who are beginning contact with our extraterrestrial neighbors are like explorers, pioneers and forerunners of this New Paradigm of consciousness. It is oftentimes NOT PLEASANT for us because we have a whole LOT of erroneous fears, false concepts and entrenched traditional wrong ideas which are being dissolved. You can find ways, however, of shielding and protecting yourself from anything that would cause you any real harm. Although we may sometimes disagree -- we are NOT the victims of any outside invading forces. On some level -- whether we know it or not -- whether we remember it or not -- we volunteered to incarnate here during this incredible Shift of the Ages. Peace to you. namaste, Roy

hanks a lot for your comment greatly appreciated :)

Here is a documentary about a MASS CONTACT which occurred in Italy in the 1950s. I had never heard about it before. It is especially interesting because of so many people being involved. See what you think.
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This was fascinating, Roy. The letter from Voltaire? OMGosh. At the end, however, they didn't reveal in any detail about what happened that the contact stopped. The only said that something unsavory happened that stopped the contact. Great Find. Thanks for posting this. Blessings, Kim

Oh . . . I just wanted to say, Kim . . . the contact NEVER stopped . . . it only became more sophisticated . . . involving others. My opinion . . . of course. Nothing can be "proved" . . . and that is a part of the overall significance of it. Peace to you dear sister . . . and . . . namaste, Roy

We had an object go flying across the kitchen today. Thrown by? First time for that. Blog post is on the right; Flying Objects in the Kitchen!
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I seen in a number of reports that paranormal incidents often accompany other-worldly contact. Definitely got your attention. It was such a strange object to throw. A real attention getter. Maybe someone is trying to get your attention?

"I seen." Good Heavens. I don't talk like that. I need to proof my stuff.

Take a look at this:
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I just posted this to my FB page.

I enjoy listening to this wonderful man speak. After listening to this video I felt rather incomplete and stronger.

I absolutely adore Paul Hellyer... given my experiences what he is saying is so true and I commend his bravery. I had an experience in Canada (while living in a different country) and have always felt deeply compelled to contact Paul I just don't have an email to contact him...I think he would be very interested, given the "incident." Bravo! Paul Hellyer thank you for all your work, speaking out and insistence on disclosure~!!

Dana thanks for all you do on this site...By Believers For Believers...I love the sound of that!!!
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Earthfiles: Attorney Encounters Non-Human Entities
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I am so happy that I come from where I come from. My experiences have all been positive. Never scary in the least.

Glad to hear that, Kim. I can’t help but think that’s the way it should be. I’ve had a couple of experiences that on the surface could easily be taken as negative. But I never really felt that way about them: unless mystification is considered to be negative.

Mystification? I live in that neighborhood. Never negative.

I have met the dark and come through it to the light. I would not want to do it again.


Caught on camera: UFO flying through sky near Shawnee Oklahoma
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Sorry I could only post the URL. Apparently, the news website does not provide embed code for their videos. I’ll delete this post in a while, since we can’t get the actual videos to display here. But I thought I should give anybody who’s interested a chance to see the rest of the story first.

That first video was from the 5:00 pm news show. The same source (KOCO channel 5 in OKC) promised to provide an explanation from the “experts” on their 6:00 pm show. Here’s another URL for the video showing that report.

Only seems to be one expert giving a definitive answer though: a meteor. Hmm . . . maybe someone can explain how a meteor slows down as it approaches the ground. LOL! In all fairness though, it’s still possible that what we are seeing is lens flare from car lights on the road below, or a reflection. The camera is located at a casino on I-40, just west of Shawnee. They call it a tower cam, but I don’t know if it is mounted outdoors on a tower in the usual fashion or inside a building. If it is in a building, behind a window, then we might of course, be seeing a reflection off the glass.

I must have seen the 5:00 and it looked like someone was definitely in control. It did indeed slow down as it approached the ground.

WOW !! Good catch!

Still learning how to get around this site. I love it so far. Glad to have a place to share experiences! I am very in tune with the hybridization program and am in contact with my hybrid children. Glad to talk with anyone if they also have contact with their children and have questions I've posted some blogs about my experiences, but Im not sure if that's the best way to share information on here. Much Love to everyone! Adonai.
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Hi Ariel,

In the last 3 or 4 years I've been contacted by my daughter, Tam. Learning more about her through regression that Mary Rodwell did with me recently. The first contact came at the dentist's office, of all places. She came to me and said, "Hi Mom."

That's awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing! They come to us when we are ready! :)

Thank you for such an awesome place!
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