Our New Site!

Slowly but surely we are rebuilding.  I am rewriting articles that were taken from the server and my computer. Hopefully they are longer and more informative. I will also be appearing as a co-host on some of FREE’s new radio shows this next year with Ralph Steiner. (see side column for link). More articles are coming and if there is something you would like to see more info on just shoot me an email.  

They can tear us down but they can’t stop us, the momentum is to strong!


Dana Donlon

About Dana Donlon

Experiencer, contactee and abductee all rolled into one UFOchick aka Dana Donlon has had interaction with several Alien Races. After going public in 2009 she now hosts the website Stellarpax.com and spends much of her time helping other process the experiences they have had with interdimensional and ET races. What time she does have left is spent doing wordpress development and websites for a variety of clients and taking care of this site. Her personal webpage and community may be found at Stellarpax.com. She resides with her husband and assorted pets in the Tulsa Oklahoma metro area.